Dae-Su holds a hammer above his head in an iconic scene from the 2003 Korean film Oldboy.

The Allure of Crime Subgenres

Exploring crime subgenres is like shopping for paint. Right when you think it’s all black and white, you find a whole new world of Inkwell and Iron Ore, Snowbound and Eggshell. There’s an endless universe of infinite subgenre possibilities, often with subgenres changing as the story moves from one character arc to another.
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Earl Tubb's Mailbox From Southern Bastards.

Building Community Through Comic Book Backmatter

Since the silver age of superhero comics, the letters column has played an integral role in bridging the gap between publishers and readers. Over time, the letters column disappeared from mainstream comics as Internet forums and social media usage expanded. Though it’s never made a big comeback with DC or Marvel, creator-owned comics have ushered in a renaissance of comic book backmatter.
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