Big Money Ca$h (Sunshine & Misery Collection)

Book cover for the Kindle Short Reads Collection: Sunshine and Misery — Big Money Cash by George N. Aslanian.Weed, robbery, and (maybe) money. “Big Money Ca$h” has it all. Ella needs money for school. Cash needs money for status. Bo just wants to see a good show. And everyone else just wants to get out alive.

This is the first installment in the Sunshine & Misery Collection — a series of short one-shot crime stories set in South Florida. Each story gives an action-packed glimpse into a world of criminals and those they affect.

As a Kindle Short Reads Collection, Sunshine & Misery is designed to fit your life. Instead of wasting time with rambling fluff, each 15 to 30-minute read provides a full story of unadulterated crime fiction.

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